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Unfiltered / Unpasturised / Naturally Conditioned Ale

At Conwy Brewery we are committed to produce natural, flavourful beers that minimise our impact on the environment.

Solar generation system on the roof of brewery which reduces electricity consumption by approximately 30%.

Spent Grain is re-used as cattle feed.

Waste Beer, Yeast & Hops & Wort is re-used in Anaerobic Digestion to generate Energy.

We use very little water in making our beer with 3 Litres of Water used to produce 1 Litre of beer, this is well below the industry standard of 5:1.

Our cask and bottle beers are naturally conditioned, producing natural yeast liveliness and better tasting beer.

We use as little chemicals as possible and limit filtration to only the Conwy Lager, reducing waste by up to 20% in all our other beers.

Conwy Brewery Ltd was started by Gwynne Thomas in the early 2000’s.

Gwynne, a chemist by trade with a huge interest in ale brewing, started experimenting with recipes and brewing in his garage and home in Llandudno.

In 2003 he and his wife Adele bought the first premises, making Conwy Brewery Ltd the 3rd brewery in North Wales for over 100 years.

In 2004 the recipe for Honey Fayre was mastered and Conwy Brewery took the exciting step of being carried in supermarkets.

As more recipes were mastered, such as Welsh Pride and Clogwyn Gold, the team and production also expanded, outgrowing the

previous premises and moving up to Llysfaen in 2009. We currently have 10,000 square feet of space, some of which is taken by our taproom ‘MASH’, boasting amazing views of Rhos-on-Sea Beach and the Irish sea.

All our production and administration are completed at the Llysfaen site by our 10 staff members, who cover everything from brewing and packaging to sales and deliveries. Gwynne and Adele retired in 2021, but their legacy remains in the form of their son Oliver, who continues to work as a part of the brewery team.

We produce over 1 million pints each year, including our core range of 11 traditionally casked and bottled ales, as well as kegged and canned Lagers and ales.

Still hand crafted and unpasteurised to create traditional, high-quality beers.


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