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Proudly crafted in Wales


Unfiltered / Unpasturised / Naturally Conditioned Ale

At Conwy Brewery we are committed to produce natural, flavourful beers that minimise our impact on the environment.

Solar generation system on the roof of brewery which reduces electricity consumption by approximately 30%.

Spent Grain is re-used as cattle feed.

Waste Beer, Yeast & Hops & Wort is re-used in Anaerobic Digestion to generate Energy.

We use very little water in making our beer with 3 Litres of Water used to produce 1 Litre of beer, this is well below the industry standard of 5:1.

Our beers are Cask & Bottle Conditioned. This means very little cooling is required (cooling uses LOTS of energy).

No expensive chemicals & no Filtration (Filtration can produce as much as 20% waste beer, Not Good!) By doing this we get better tasting beer as well as helping the environment.


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